Integrated Cloud Solutions for Every Need

At Rossera our sole focus is to help you accelerate and manage your journey to the Oracle Cloud with technology solutions that are just right for your organisation.

We specialise in solutions which complement your investments in Oracle Cloud technology whether that’s integrating your systems, extending the reach of your Oracle Cloud Applications or streamlining your journey from on-premise systems.

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Discover how Rossera can use Oracle’s suite of Cloud products to deliver extraordinary solutions to complement your Oracle enterprise applications.

What we do

High-Functioning Solutions for Oracle Enterprise Applications

Oracle’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications are at the core of the enterprise application cloud revolution and we are experts in providing solutions that help maximise your investment. Whether your organisation is implementing Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Experience or Supply Chain Management, Rossera can help you on your journey by providing integration, migration and solution extensions all built by our teams of experts using the most robust industry tools and techniques.

Whether its integrating your systems, migrating your data or providing seamlessly integrated application extensions, we provide world-class solutions which endure.

Unlike on-premise Oracle applications, Oracle’s Cloud Applications are built differently, they are maintained differently and they work differently. Above all, they are constantly evolving…….fast. Choose a technical solutions provider that has unrivalled experience working with Oracle Cloud Applications who will guide you on your journey and provide the solutions that your organisation needs to make your implementation a success.

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Rossera have been working with Oracle’s Cloud Applications and Cloud Platform since their early inception. We have been involved in some of the earliest adoption programmes right up to working on some of the largest Oracle Cloud implementations.

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How we do it

Elegant Solutions That Stand The Test of Time

We are passionate about the quality of our deliverables in order to develop elegant solutions which seamlessly integrate with your Oracle Cloud and on-premise systems. We continuously reflect on our development approach, use of tools and implementation methodology in light of industry best practice.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud transformation is currently one of the most prioritised initiatives for most organisations. Whether you are considering wholesale migration of your on-premise Oracle ERP applications to the Cloud or choosing to adopt a hybrid approach, Rossera can help advise and guide you on your journey as well as providing the software solutions which will complement your chosen approach.

Rossera has a suite of high-quality tools developed using the Oracle Cloud Platform which we deploy to accelerate the development of our solutions. The solutions which form the backbone to all of our software deliverables are proven in industry and are constantly evolving with the Oracle Cloud suite.

Framework-Based Solutions

We never look at a requirement in isolation. We evaluate each of your requirements in context of your wider needs. We adopt a framework-based approach for all of our development to minimise the number of point solutions your organisation has to support.

360 Degree Service

We can provide full lifecycle management from design and build through to test, deployment and support or we can work flexibly with your Systems Integrators and internal IT teams to deliver our solutions.