About our partners

Fujitsu Services

Fujitsu Services are our key partner who perform our support services and bring the tier-1 consultancy scale to our business.

For over 30 years Fujitsu has worked in close partnership with Oracle, delivering services and solutions to customers worldwide. Over this period, they have built-up several global centers of excellence for Oracle services.

Today Fujitsu is one of Oracle’s top 5 global partners, and in recent years the relationship has been strengthened further by the collaboration on the provision of cloud services, which combine the best of Fujitsu and Oracle technology.


Our Network

Key Partners

Rossera have a huge network of Oracle professionals built up over decades of working in the Oracle industry. We partner with only the most experienced organisations which we know to deliver first-class enduring consultancy or services which complement our solutions.


UK Government

Rossera is a UK G-Cloud Supplier and are in partnership with a number of central government departments. Through this network we help promote best practice across Government departments who use Oracle Cloud solutions to run their organisations.