Rossera have a wealth of Oracle delivery experience across both the private and public sectors and are uniquely placed to deliver quality, engaging consultancy. We pride ourselves on being able to work closely with clients to build tangible outcomes and drive business benefits of implementing Oracle solutions.


Tailored Solutions

Rossera are well versed in the ‘Adopt-not-Adapt’ mindset for Cloud-based enterprise applications having been involved in some of the largest Oracle SaaS implementations.

We understand however that businesses are unique and whilst organisations should subscribe to adopting the core processes and features of the standard product, this should not negatively impact the core business.

As Larry Ellison noted at Oracle OpenWorld, the future is about “our good ideas and your good ideas”, this has led to huge investment in Oracle Platform services to complement the core SaaS business.

Oracle are continuing with significant investment to advance their latest Cloud architecture and enable a Closed-Loop approach to their SaaS and supporting infrastructure services.

At Rossera we are ready to work with clients to ensure they can meet all business outcomes by leveraging the Oracle Platform to create compeling solutions that run alongside Oracle SaaS.

Experience has shown us that using our development-led prototyping approach coupled with the Oracle Platform, the cost of these add-on solutions is low. Therefore, if the requirement can’t be met by standard functionality, these solutions will deliver rapid return-on-investment and can be quickly retired if functionality is delivered into the standard product at a later date.

We have created a number of PaaS-4-SaaS applications to compliment SaaS products and fill gaps that allow businesses to deliver their business outcomes without compromise.

Examples include:

  • End-to-end document generation and delivery integrated with HCM and ERP Cloud.
  • Onboarding/offboarding solution.
  • Workforce planning solution.
  • Web Interfaces to allow data loaders/exports to be user-managed.
  • Position management tools.
  • Complex off-system forms/spreadsheets turned into user friendly web interfaces, validated against the SaaS data model and secured to the SaaS security roles.
  • Event-driven workflows, allowing complex data rules to be mapped and any number of tasks to be managed and approval routed.

Rossera accelerators plus our industry-leading skills in the Oracle Platform stack mean the users will get an identical look-and-feel as Oracle SaaS, fully integrated and secured.

We also have number of out of the box solutions that can be implemented or changed to fit specific needs.


Oracle Cloud Strategy

Not everyone has a solid strategy for their move-to the cloud.  We can help.

We can look at you current and future tactical and strategic goals and help you craft your journey to the Cloud. Our products and services are aimed at getting rapid benefits across the Oracle SaaS suite.

Our methodology and products are centred on the following principles:

  • Shift Left (move to tier zero)
  • Experience Economy
  • Digital Business Services (DBS)
  • Digital Experience Economy
  • Multi-Experience (MX), User-Experience (UX), Customer-Experience (CX) and
  • Employee-Experience (EX)

Our products can supplement Oracle SaaS products to deliver a coherent user journey whether with the Oracle CX solution or without, with a large scale BPO service or a fully automated client managed strategy.

We have a number of core objectives that we bring to every client engagement which we feel drive tangible benefits to customers:

  • Simplify Access to Services: Improve employee satisfaction making it easier for them to get to services they need.
  • Improve Productivity: Minimise repetitive tasks using workflow and automation.
  • Streamline Employee Transitions: Automate and simplify lifecycle events across the organisation.
  • Optimise Service Delivery: Centralise technology platforms, increase self-service, reduce tier-one contact.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Looking to migrate all or part of your IT infrastructure into the Oracle Cloud.

As part of an engagement, we take account of the following key inputs:

Client Capability

  • Whether this is a client-side team or a systems-integrator partner - what are the current capabilities?
  • Are there experienced technical and administrative roles that are ready to configure/manage/secure a cloud environment?
  • Do you want to invest in a team to do this or is part of the drive to cloud to reduce/remove this capability?

Current Scope / Requirements

  • What immediate problem are you trying to solve?
  • What is the scope of services you currently have on-premise or hybrid-cloud that you are looking to move?
  • Do you need 24/7 highly-available services requiring complete fail-over solutions?
  • Is performance and elastic scalability an immediate need and are you running with understood loads?

Roadmap / Strategic Goals

  • Where do you want to go, once there is stability in your production services?
  • Is there a backlog of integrations or gaps that need to be fulfilled in the long term?
  • Based on answers to these key questions, we can then discuss a roadmap that meets your initial goals and budgets.

Come and speak to use about how we can help define and implement your strategy and realise your goals of moving to the Cloud.