Key features


High-functioning, bespoke applications for close integration with Oracle Cloud

Cloud Data Surfacing

Automatically leverage Oracle Applications Cloud data sets without the need for additional integration.

Save Resources

Low-footprint resource requirements reduce spending on Cloud infrastructure.


Harmonious user experience with Oracle Cloud Applications.

How we do it

Developing high-quality applications that work seamlessly with
your Oracle Cloud Applications is challenging. Many fail to get
it right or customers are left with costly solutions to upgrade
and maintain.

As well as SaaS Extensions, we offer bespoke services for larger requirements which do not fit standard functionality but that need to heavily integrate with Oracle Cloud Applications. Our application development service gives you the ability to define fully fledged, customer-centric applications that utilise the data in your Oracle Cloud Applications environment and that give your users a seamless experience with the core product.

We recommend an Agile approach to design and build your applications which we find results in the most optimal end product whilst reducing build time. Our engineers will work with you to understand your base requirements before developing interactive wireframes which can be used to drive out detailed requirements before any final design is agreed. We believe in constant playbacks of the solution and hands-on reviews of our prototypes throughout the build so that we ensure that you get a final product that exceeds your original expectations.

Requirements for SaaS data are catered for by our pre-built accelerators which means that you can utilise this data across your applications whether for validation or surfacing of information. Our applications are also hooked into our integration accelerators meaning that you can use your custom application data to update your core product.

Our applications can be deployed on a number of different architectures ranging from on-premise right through to cloud-native. We will work with you to determine the best design dependent on your ecosystem. Our applications can also integrate with a number of security and identity solutions such as Oracle Identity Cloud to ensure that your users have a seamless login experience across your enterprise.

We also offer flexible support options through our Managed Service offerings to support bespoke applications which includes verification and upgrade of the products in lock-step with the quarterly releases of Oracle Cloud Applications.

Get in contact with us to see how we’ve been developing mission critical applications that are fully integrated with a customer’s Oracle Cloud Applications environment.

How we do it