Key features


We have decades of experience migrating data to and from Oracle Applications meaning you can be confident that your data will be migrated safely and will be fully reconciled.


We offer pre-built cloud accelerators for reducing the load-time and
complexity of our migration routines.


The Oracle Cloud is evolving at a rapid pace. We keep abreast of the latest tools and recommended techniques for migrating data in the Oracle Cloud ecosystem.


We’ll help you devise your migration strategy and work with your in-house teams to ensure high standards of delivery.

How we do it

360 Degree Migration

We specialise in data migration from Oracle on-premise application platforms into Oracle Cloud Applications for finance, HR, payroll and supply chain. We have pre-built extract routines for Oracle E-Business Suite which we can use to accelerate delivery. We also have dedicated routines built using Oracle Integration Cloud which allow us to load data faster and provide robust reconciliation.

We will begin by analysing your needs and setting up your data migration strategy. This will include the design of your data standards and agreeing governance. We will work with your data asset owners and security teams to come up with the best suited data migration strategy for your organisation. Depending on your approach, you can either adopt our recommended strategy or we can tailor it to your needs.

Following this we will begin data mapping workshops based on your target configuration in Oracle Cloud Applications in order to feed into the build of the migration routines. Typically we aim to do as much data translation on your source system so that your data is loaded into Oracle Cloud in a single phase without the need for a staging location.

Key to our success is the individuals we have within our engineering team who have decades of experience migrating data across Oracle Applications. We are uniquely placed as we understand both the Oracle Applications on-premise and Oracle Cloud data models enabling us to provide robust data migration routines that will accelerate the delivery of your programme.

How we do it