Key features

Cloud or On-Premise

We specialise in integrating on-premise-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud solutions. We will ensure the right approach and appropriate mix of services depending on your needs.


Our recommended mix of Oracle Platform services utilises prebuilt integration flows and dedicated adapters to quickly get your integrations up and running.

Cloud or On-Premise

We secure your data within all of our integration solutions whether in transit or at rest using the latest security and encryption techniques.


Whether you are integrating batch or message-based systems, we have the expertise and the tools to perform data enrichment and transformation using the Oracle Cloud.

How we do it

It is vital that you understand the true capabilities of your source and target systems when integrating with the Oracle Cloud in order to build a successful integration solution. Integration capability within the Oracle Cloud has evolved at a phenomenal pace in the past decade both across the Oracle Cloud Applications and within the Oracle Cloud Platform.

We have been involved in integrating systems with the Oracle Cloud from its early inception and will be able to get your integrations up and running quickly and securely as a result. We have a deep understanding of the integration capabilities in each of the Oracle Cloud Application pillars as well as being certified professionals in many of the Oracle Cloud Platform products. We also understand the limitations of the products and the overlaps of functionality between the platform services. This puts us in the unique position of being able to build your integrations effectively with the most efficient mix of Cloud Platform products.

That change will continue which is why we build all your integrations in a way which will protect your systems integrating with the cloud from requiring re-work. The mix of tools that we use largely depends on your requirements, specifically whether you are integrating with on-premise or cloud systems, your data volumes, frequencies and your monitoring needs. Oracle's Cloud integration solutions are industry leaders for meeting mission critical integration needs and give us the capability required to deliver world-class integration solutions.

All of your integrations will be built using a mix of pre-built utility services and applications which carry out the tasks common to all customers integrating with the Oracle Cloud. By bringing our industry-proven toolkits to your organisation, we can get your integrations up and running in a fraction of the time.

How we do it