Applications and Extensions


Our SaaS Extensions are built using Oracle Rapid Development Kits meaning
that you get the same look-and-feel with your extensions that you do with your Oracle Cloud Applications.


All of our extensions use the unrivalled power of the Oracle Cloud to give you a fast, responsive user interface.


We build our extensions to be efficient and use the minimal amount of Cloud
resources necessary.


All of our extensions are fully accessible and include features for those with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive disabilities.

How we do it

Enterprise Grade Applications

Oracle’s Cloud Applications will meet most of your business needs but there may be a few areas which are not catered. This is where SaaS Extensions come in.

SaaS Extensions complement Oracle Cloud applications by giving users seamless navigation, security and look-and-feel between the standard product and the SaaS extension. Oracle have strict guidelines for developing SaaS Extensions and Rossera has been developing these components to help customers bridge any functionality gaps for a long time.

We can also build more fully-fledged applications which also inherit the same lookand-feel as your Oracle Cloud applications for instances where you need a more comprehensive functionality.

Depending on your needs, we will determine the most optimal mix of products and services to build your extensions and applications. Our extensions are light-weight and easily retired should the functionality be built into the standard products at a later date.

How we do it