Rossera is a provider of Oracle Managed Services for Oracle ERP applications and can offer world-class, on-shore teams to deliver 24/7 management of your service. With our application managed services you gain the benefits of our experienced Oracle functional and technical resources without the administrative burden of managing internal teams.

Managed Services

Managing Your Service

Whilst Oracle offer services and support for their applications, many organisations choose an external provider to manage their platforms, removing the burdens from internal IT teams.

As each client’s requirement is unique, Rossera does not prescribe a one-size fits all service. We prefer to engage with a service specifically tailored to our client’s requirements and needs. Support and delivery services range from full managed service offerings to the provision of targeted, specialist teams to run a specific function.

Rossera offers support, consultancy services and technology solutions for Oracle Cloud and Oracle On-Premise ERP Applications. Oracle Applications are at the core of the enterprise application revolution and we are experts in providing professional services and solutions that help maximise customers’ investment in these technologies.

We have proven delivery experience of Oracle application managed services and our customers are seeing the positive response that our capability provides.

In taking a Rossera managed service, customers have the opportunity to tap into Rossera’s unique knowledge and capabilities around the Oracle Cloud ecosystem giving you access to additional services such as consultancy and software solution delivery.


Key Features

A Support and Delivery Service Centered on Talent

Our fundamental belief is that managed services are best run by on-shore, Oracle specialists who have a passion for delivery. Rossera have built up specialist teams who excel in delivering first-class services to support your Oracle ERP systems. We use a mixture of on-site and remote teams based in the UK to give you the talent you need to maximise your investments in Oracle technology.

Agile & DevSecOps

Rossera advocates an Agile methodology to delivery, in order to better support client outcomes, objectives, values and principles. Central to this is the adoption of Agile and DevSecOps practices.

We have first-hand experience in delivering ERP solutions in an Agile environment using a security-focused Cloud DevSecOps Team as well as having worked on numerous ERP implementations which followed a typical Waterfall methodology.

Moving to operating in an Agile environment with DevSecOps teams requires a cultural shift coupled with a practical approach to finding a suitable mix of methodology and tooling which enables better, faster delivery that is more responsive to business needs without compromising quality.

A Balance of Tooling and Methodology

Rossera acknowledges that there is often an aspiration to move towards greater automation for demand management but is also sensitive to the unique characteristics of an ERP function within an organisation and the nature of operating within the parameters of a large ERP COTS (Commercial-of-the-Shelf) product such as Oracle Applications. Rossera will work with you to implement the best use of the appropriate automation tools to support the service.


Rossera recognise and will robustly adopt the governance framework set out by our customers. We see the approach to an efficient governance model as a collaborative journey with an aim to keep the process as simple as possible so that the team can focus on support and delivery outcomes.


Rossera will work in collaboration with the client to develop and execute a mobilisation plan to transition and take on the provision of support and delivery services in an agile manner.


Our Approach to Taking on the Service

The proposed Rossera approach is to work with you on a collaborative journey towards a strategic partnership via a close working relationship, delivering service and project capability.

The approach will include a Customer Engagement Manager working closely with you to evaluate and improve the service offering, underpinned by the wider Rossera resource pool to act as the intelligent supplier who understands the complex landscape of your existing ERP footprint as well as having first-hand experience of on-premise ERP, moving on-premise to the Oracle Cloud and the Oracle Cloud ecosystem itself.

We see each engagement as an exciting opportunity to garner a trusted, quality service, implemented via an Agile, structured service management model predicated against clear work packages and enhanced ways of working.

Rossera will strive for continuous improvement of all services offered. We are currently growing our resource pools to improve resilience to better meet the demand for project delivery as well as offering value-add services centered around the Oracle Applications ecosystems.