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Data Sync


DataQuarry® delivers high-performance data replication of Oracle SaaS data sets out of the box without the need for any technical development or import routines. It provides a third-normal-form data repository by subject area in a customer-managed Oracle Database either running on-premise or in the Oracle Cloud.


Customers migrating to Oracle SaaS Applications will need to design a strategy for accessing data in the Cloud whether that is for enriching reporting, integration or application extension. Oracle SaaS Applications have a number of solutions to do this ranging from tools such as HCM Extract in Oracle Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence Cloud Connector, API’s and ATOM feeds. In all cases, these tools require in-depth technical know-how as well as the necessary routines to import the data to the required target.

One Solution

Through a single solution, customers no longer have to invest in developing bespoke solutions to perform data extract from Oracle SaaS. DataQuarry offers a centralised solution for extraction and ingest reducing the need for multiple point-solutions.