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Event Actions


EventSense® compliments Oracle SaaS Applications by providing the ability to automatically trigger business outcomes based on events in Oracle Cloud Applications. Through simple configuration, customers can subscribe to events of interest for example, a line manager change or a person going on maternity in HCM Cloud, an invoice approval in ERP Cloud or a customer interaction in HCM HR Helpdesk. Customers can choose to trigger either pre-defined or custom actions when those events occur.

All events and actions are configurable via the EventSense application without the need to write code.

Built-In Actions

Pre-defined actions include the ability to generate documents which can contain data from the event. Customers can also configure forms to capture additional information which can drive document content. Documents can be delivered over email and there is configuration available to automatically add the documents to HCM Document of Record.

Custom Actions

Custom actions can also be deployed as customer enhancements and triggered from within the framework, for example integration to thirdparty systems or calls to routines which update data in Oracle SaaS.